Custom Mandate

Protecting The Country

One of the roles of the Customs Department is the protection of the borders of our country. This includes protection from all goods or products that are deemed harmful to our nation. Harmful goods have traditionally been thought of as guns, ammunition and illicit drugs, but the category extends beyond that to include agricultural products which, if not properly monitored on importation, can result in the spread of disease and pests.

The Customs Department executes its role to protect our borders, by performing agency functions on behalf of other government departments and ministries. These departments and ministries are guided by laws, which dictate the necessity of using import permits or licenses for the importation of certain goods. If you attempt to bring these goods into the country without the required permits or licenses, Customs has the authority to confiscate them, as well as impose fines, as this represents a breach of Customs regulations.

Below is a list of some items that require permits/licenses and the agencies from which they can be obtained:

  • Meat - Obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, contact number- 927-1731
  • Ground Provisions - Obtain a Phyto Sanitary Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, contact number- 927-1731
  • Fruits & Vegetables - Obtain a Phyto Sanitary Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, contact number- 927-1731
  • Drugs - Obtain a PSD Certificate from the Ministry of Health, contact number - 926-9220
  • Firearms- Obtain a Permit/Licence to Import from the Police/ Commissioner of Customs/Trade Board 927-4421, 922-5140-8, 926-3130
  • Used Tyres - Obtain a Certificate from the Bureau of Standards, contact number: 926-3140-6
  • Radios (two-way) - Obtain a Permit from the Post Master General, contact number: 922-9430


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