Personal Importing


Express Clearance Process

What are Personal Items?

The Jamaica Customs Agency defines personal items as those goods whose nature, quantity, and intended use indicate that they are for private, personal or household consumption and do not reflect any commercial intent.

Personal items therefore include all articles (new or used) which a traveller may reasonably require for his or her personal use during the journey, taking into account all the circumstances of the journey, but excluding any goods imported for commercial purposes.


Documents Required When Clearing Personal Items

  1. Valid identification such as Passport, National ID or Jamaican Driver’s Licence.

  2. Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)

  3. Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

  4. Proper Invoice (where applicable)

  5. Import Permit or Import Licence (where applicable)


Personal Goods Imported Through The Post Office

  1. The Central Sorting Post Office will oversee the Customs clearance of packages on behalf of the importer/recipient and arrange delivery to the local post office based on the address provided.

  2. Packages with a Free on Board (FOB) value of US$100 or less will not attract Customs charges. However, if the value is greater Customs charges will be calculated on the full value. It is therefore important that the invoice be included in the package, or presented to Customs to assist with the assessment of the items.

  3. If payment is required it should be made to the Post Office Cashier where the package is being collected.

  4. If a package is detained by Customs an advisory will be sent to the recipient from the Post Office, stating the reason for the detention and what is required.


Personal Goods Imported Through A Courier Agency

  1. Depending on the arrangement between the Courier Agency and the importer the goods can be cleared either by the Courier Agent on behalf of the importer, or the clearance process can be done by the importer at the warehouse where the goods are stored.
  2. Personal goods with a FOB value greater than US$100.00 will attract the applicable Customs charges.


Clearing Personal Goods as an Arriving Passenger

  1. All arriving passengers, 18 years and older, have a duty free allowance of US$1,000.00 for personal and household goods. This includes both accompanied and unaccompanied luggage.
  2. Arriving passengers with unaccompanied personal items should join the red channel in the Customs Passenger Terminal and advise the Customs Officer.
  3. Personal items in excess of the US$1,000.00 may be subject to customs charge which will be calculated on the excess value.
  4. Minors (younger than 18 years) are not entitled to theUS$1,000.00 allowance. However, they are allowed their personal items.


Unaccompanied Personal Goods Imported Via Air or Sea Port

  1. When clearing unaccompanied personal goods it is important that the stamped Passport or Immigration Kiosk Slip (along with the other clearance documents) be presented to the Customs Supervisor at the warehouse where the goods are being cleared. This represents proof of travel and will allow the supervisor to verify what portion of the US$1,000.00 was not utilized.
  2. The unused portion of the US$1,000.00 will be applied to offset the value used for assessment of applicable customs charges .
  3. The minimum cost to clear a barrel containing items for personal use is JA$6,500.00.



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