Personal Importing


  1. After collecting your documents from the shipping/freight agent, go to the warehouse facility for validation/payment of fees.

  2. Take your documents (including Goods Declaration Form (C86), Invoices, Bill of Lading or Airway Bill, TRN & Identification) to the wharf or warehouse for verification.

  3. If you have an Unaccompanied Declaration Form (C27/Yellow Form), present this to the Customs Supervisor for verification.

  4. After which the item/s will be located, and the goods will be examined by a Customs Officer.

  5. After processing, the Customs Officer will value the goods and advise of the applicable Customs duties and fees to be paid. You will be directed to the Customs cashier to pay the necessary duties, taxes and the Customs Administrative Fee (CAF). After payment of the duties, the importer is issued a release order.

    Applicable to goods cleared via seaport.
  6. Hand all documents to the warehouse keeper who will issue you with a gate pass (this is to necessitate the entry of your vehicle on the port).
  7. After goods are received, proceed to the exit gate for final clearance.

Applicable to goods cleared via seaport.


Documents Required When Clearing Items


  1. Tax Registration Number (TRN)

  2. Valid identification (Driver’s Licence, Passport or National ID). (Your passport / receipt from the Kiosk in the Immigration Hall at the airport is a MUST when using the yellow form)

  3. Invoice

  4. Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill

  5. Unaccompanied Declaration Form (C27)

  6. Goods Declaration Form (C86)

  7. Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

Goods Received via the Post Office

Packages may be sent via the post office. It is important that persons sending packages ensure that they include the invoice/s along with the items, to assist with the assessment of the items.

If your package was detained by Customs you will receive an advisory from the Post Office stating the reason for the detention and the documents you are required to submit for clearance.


  • Government Issued Identification (Passport, National ID, Drivers Licence)

  • Permit/Import Licence (where applicable)

  • Invoice

  • TCC

  • TRN

  • Charity Certificate ( where applicable) 

  1. Submit requisite documents to the Central Sorting Office either

  2. Pay the import duty to the cashier at the Post Office where your package is stored.

  3. Collect your package.

  4. If the postal address on the package is outside of Kingston (Central Sorting Office), it will be sent to the local Post Office address provided.


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